A weekly roundup of AI product news and ideas.

Cover art, home interiors, better onboarding, and more

Our inaugural issue, kicking off a weekly roundup of AI product announcements and ideas.

Welcome to the the inaugural issue! I’ll be posting at least five product and reactions every Thursday.

This Week's Links

  • InteriorAI by Peter Levels
    Transform messy home photos into imagined interiors.

    Reaction: This is the future of Photoshop filters: not just adjusting dumb pixels, but carefully sequencing a series of AI-powered manipulations into a result that feels almost impossible. If I were Adobe, I’d be watching this closely and trying to turn Peter’s approach into something that can be shared and sold.

  • Article2Image by Danny Postma
    Turn your article into a cover image.

    Reaction: It’s only a matter of time before someone manages to illustrate an entire children’s storybook with Stable Diffusion — or lets them illustrate their own — in a repeatable way.

    “Kid friendliness” is a useful proxy for “control over output variance”. I think we’re going to see image generation red teams the same way we see security red teams: folks, good at adversarial prompts, hired to test the guard-rails model companies promise.

  • by Palash Bansal
    Gallery of AI images and their prompts.

    Reaction: A service that takes the upvoted prompts on this site and pairs them — with modification — to the “bad prompts” the uninitiated write sounds a lot better than starting from scratch. Don’t they say all art is derivative?

  • Fillout by Dominic Whyte and Antony Toron
    Describe your form and AI builds the first draft.

    Reaction: I asked it for a “order form for frozen fish heads” and by god, that’s exactly what it made me. I’m not convinced that AI onboarding is a product itself, but it’s a great wedge to grab market space while the larger form companies scramble to implement their own versions of this. In general, scripting LLMs to make first-draft onboarding choices feels like a great, repeatable play for any product.

  • Handywriter by Mustafa Uysal
    AI-assisted writing for WordPress

    Reaction: Also in the “repeatable play” department. There has never been a better time to be a plugin author than right now. Every single platform that accepts plugins is a ready audience for some form of 3rd party AI augmentation.

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